Home Cleaning

Your home is beyond being a house- it is your sanctuary- a safe place where you can sit, relax, and unwind. A place where you can be who you are together with the people dear to your heart- your family. And imagine coming home to a completely clean after a long tiring day of work. Yet, most of the time, you are in a tidy mood, not in good shape to clean and secure it. With your busy schedules, you can’t find time to complete the task of cleaning the house. And find it disgusting.

At Touch Cleaning Chicago, we perceive that a clean home is a happy home, bringing light feeling to every member of the family, which is why we are proud to offer all-inclusive home cleaning services. For many years, we became one of the well-known companies that can render complete and high-quality home services according to our dear clients’ wishes. 

This is the time to end your problematic situation and let us take care of your house cleaning and savor the satisfaction of knowing that your whole home has been cleaned by a group of a professional team you can trust. We will make sure to provide you a thorough and consistent service fitted for your cleaning needs. 

What we do:

Our team is fully equipped to provide a vast array of home cleaning services, such as:

Household dust includes pollution from vehicles, paper fibers, fragments emitted by oil, and natural gas furnaces. These particles can stay airborne for an extended period. Dusting means dust removal. Several tools are used to do this well, like wands made of feathers. Vacuum cleaners are used too to remove debris and dust in any area. 

Your home’s floor is one of the priorities when it comes to cleaning. There’s a variety of floor cleaning methods, yet damp mopping is still the best way to clean it. In this way, any unseen and excess dirt particles are polished. 

Of course, you want your windows to look bright and clean, and we can provide excellent solutions. We use exclusive cleaning powders to wipe your windows and leave no amount of dirt in it. We also use a portable vacuum cleaner with a fissure tool to suck away bugs, dirt, and other unwanted matter from your window grooves. 

Detailed cleaning involves proper cleaning of doors, doorknobs, and house switches. The furniture is included in comprehensive cleaning. Cleaning the interior and exterior of toilets. Everything and in every area of the house that needs full attention are fixed and cleaned appropriately.

Our company believes that nothing is like a clean and well-ordered home; it allows good health and brighter days to happen. With that fact, we can ensure you a service-oriented and trustworthy team to provide the best service possible for your home. We make sure that no corner is left untouched. 

 Touch Cleaning Chicago can go beyond your home cleaning preferences, health, and safety of our chief priority. Having a clean home produces a sound mind, a happy heart, and a protected life. 

Let us work together in bringing back the vibrancy of your home.  We are here to help you customize your cleaning plan today. Get in touch with us or give us a call for more information.