Wall to Floor Cleaning

Clean walls and floors might be the mark of a clean home, but setting aside time to clean it can be demanding. Walls and floors can accumulate dirt quickly, especially in areas crowded with people like stores and restaurants. But even in residential buildings, walls and floors are neglected most of the time, resulting in more bacteria to creep in. This makes it even more important to have a maintenance cleaning or investment in the high-quality wall and floor cleaning services.

Our company took pride in our time-tested and industry-approved steps and our exclusive cleaning methods and products. We strive to put your walls and floors back to normal without the need to repaint or remodel it and help the whole property smell fresh and vigorous. There are more and various benefits associated with taking advantage of our professional wall and floor cleaning services. So better, leave the mind-numbing housework to our team, and we will provide a clean unlike others. 

High-pressure washing is the first rated and already proven method to clean dirty walls and floors – with a positive impression by our customers, we continuously marvel about this method and it is highly recommended for your cleaning problems. It uses a high-powered spray of water in connection with chemical cleaners to remove gathered dirt off walls and floors. At the same time, high-pressure equipment is used to secure efficient and thorough cleaning.

 Scrubbing and sponging dirty walls and floors can be physically exhausting and time-consuming, compared to other professional cleaning methods. Ceilings are prone to dirt, cooking oils, grease, smoke, and other contaminants. At the same time, floors and tiles tend to have soil accumulate over time. At first glance, these materials appear to be easy to maintain, clean and restore, but eventually, you need an expert cleaning company to remove this buildup.

We also offer wall and floor spot cleaning to clean dirty spots in your places that accumulate things like fingerprints and some food splatter.



  • Clean ceilings free of dirt rubbish and cobweb
  • Polished all painted wall surfaces
  • Walls and countertops cleaning including tiles and granites
  • Floor cleaning containing marble, vinyl, porcelain and travertine
  • Waxing, buffing, and stripping

If you would like to hire an excellent company that can give you a fantastic service, we are here to deliver it to you with the assurance of the proper care they deserve. Furthermore, we always apply chemicals that are both people and environment friendly. And to ensure cost-effectiveness for all our clients, we use the best cleaning tools and equipment.

We all have different things to love, at Touch Cleaning Chicago, we like to give you the finest and leading service to have your place sparkling clean and secured. We understand that your life is frantic, so we offer specialty cleaning services for those tasks that you merely don’t have time to complete. With years of experience and service to the business community, we guarantee you complete satisfaction.